The Ventura Community Center Rental Guidelines & Policies


If the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Department declares a weather emergency, the building will be available to the general public. A refund may be negotiated with the City.


The Community Center has a $495.00 rental fee. The breakdown is $345 for rent and $150 for the cleaning services. This fee also covers table/chair set up according to your diagram. Please submit your seating specifications two weeks prior to your event. In most cases you may begin your set up prior to your event day. Please check with us a few weeks prior to your event for scheduling set up times.

All non-profit organizations will be charged a $145 per event cleaning fee. (No exceptions)


A $200.00 per day security deposit must accompany the signed agreement form to reserve the Community Center. The deposit is refundable if we are notified 8 weeks prior to the date of your event.


Beer and wine may be served at the Community Center with proof of homeowners insurance ($1,000,000 general liability coverage). No one under 21 years of age may be served alcohol and the event must be by invitation only (not open to the public). Beer and wine may not be sold at your event. If you want to serve hard liquor, you will need to obtain a five day liquor permit and obtain dram shop insurance. Please talk to our City Clerk for more information.


The State Fire Marshall has rated this facility for a maximum capacity of 259 people. Please keep this in mind when you are inviting guests to your event.


Temporary decorations are permitted only if they do not harm the finish on wall, ceiling or floors. No nails, hooks, screws, pins or heavy tape is permitted. All candles must have a base under them to catch the wax: candles must have a hurricane over them. Floating candles are acceptable.


Food service is available through local caterers. The kitchen is for food serving; not for food preparation. Minor food preparations is fine, we are trying to avoid a large scale fish fry or chili cook offs that will ruin the stove. There is one commercial (double door) refrigerator available for your use in the kitchen. There is no freezer or ice machine.


Please use the loading area behind the building. It is the shortest distance and most efficient way to bring items into the building. The alley entrance is located just past the entrance into the parking lot.


The stage is equipped with a wireless sound system. A podium is also available.


New for 2010 rentals is the use of a projector system. You can view your laptop slideshow on our new 109” screen.


We ask if you have guests that smoke, to please use the ashtray located by the entrance doors outside.


There are 25 round 5ft tables (seats 8-10) available for your use. There are 10 8ft tables that can be used for a buffet or a head table. There are a total of 300 padded chairs.

The tables & chairs are to remain in the building at all times and will never be lent out for any reason. No exceptions.


There are large blue panels on the walls to help with the acoustics in the building. They are attached to the wall only by two small prong brackets and a dab of glue. Please do not use them as a bulletin board and refrain from affixing anything to the panels as the result will probably be that it will fall off the wall.


Generally there is enough parking to accommodate most activities. Should you have a large event and the parking lot is full, there is ample parking space within one and two blocks along the street. Please do not allow your guests to park in the parking lot of the convenience store across the street.


Please be respectful of others using the Community Center after you. Any minor food or beverage spills must be cleaned up. Please pick up debris /garbage after your event. Cans with liners are available and located by the delivery entrance. The dumpster outside of the delivery entrance may be used as needed for your event. Should there be an excessive amount left and we incur an additional cleaning charge this will be deducted from your security deposit.

Extra liners and supplies can be found in the maintenance room. If someone at your party gets sick, please take care of the problem as if you were in your own home. Supplies are in the maintenance room.


A thorough inspection and inventory will be done to determine any damage before your security deposit is returned. You will be billed for any amount over the deposit.

MORE QUESTIONS? Please call our City Clerk Else Taylor at 641.829.3861.