Black Cat Creek Farm
Pygmy Goats, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, mini Nubian goats, and ILR Registered Llamas
located in north central Iowa.
We became involved with llamas when our daughter joined the Kossuth County Team Llama 4-H club in 2004. We learned how to evaluate, train, groom, show, and care for these beautiful and versatile creatures. We obtained our first llamas in September of 2005. We attend shows throughout the summer and fall months, and our llamas are shown in conformation, obstacle, showmanship, and costume classes. Click on the “Llamas” link for more information about our llamas.
In the fall of 2003, we got our first miniature goats. We have AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf, unregistered Nigerian Dwarf and Dwarf/Pygmy crosses in our herd. We love the various colors and unique personalities of these little goats! Click on the “Goats” link for more information on our goats.
Black Cat Creek Farm
Lone Rock, IA  50559
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Click here for info on Kossuth County Team Llama 4H Club!
Welcome to Black Cat Creek Farm!  
Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, high quality llamas and goats.
Our llamas are 4H trained and shown and most have experience in performance, showmanship, costume, and conformation classes.  These are happy, healthy show quality animals that receive only the best care and have wonderful dispositions.  They are kept up to date on vaccinations, deworming, toenail trimming, and shearing.  We have llamas to fit many different needs including show llamas, companion llamas, guardian llamas, and fiber llamas.  Our llamas have been raised and observed with goats and we know which ones will make appropriate guard animals.  All of our llamas are handled regularly and we know each animal's unique personality and their strengths and weaknesses.  Let us help you find the perfect llama to fit your lifestyle!
Our miniature goat herd includes registered and unregistered Nigerian Dwarf goats and a few miniature mixed breed goats.  We have everything from high quality registered goats from show and milking lines, to wonderful little unregistered pets. Hardy, healthy little goats from a disease free herd that is kept up to date on all routine care including regular hoof trimming and deworming.  Our breeding stock is small and colorful and we have several goats with blue eyes.  Our kids sell out quickly so we do keep a waiting list.